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Posted 28.10.2009, updated 31.10.2009, updated 11.11.2009

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I have been in Seoul for two weeks now. It is a really big city, but with fantastic public transport. It is also full of 24h places and loads of clubs and bars are open until 4 or 5am. Thus I have immediately reverted to my natural rhythm of going to bed sometime between 5 and 8am and sleep until the early afternoon. I must have a Spanish ancestor somewhere way back in time. Here's a picture taken around 6am in the metro:

And here are some pics from my birthday:

For the first week I lived at the Bong House, a Guest House in Hyehwa, in Northern Seoul. This is where I met Shon, the Korean girl in the pictures above and Yoav, an Israeli guy. I've been going out with these guys for all my time in Seoul. I also met Jihye, a Korean girl I had met in Dharmsala. She was kind enough to lend me a Korean cell phone for the duration of my stay, since normal phones don't work in Korea. This will make my life quite a lot easier.
After a few days I found some work in a small guest house where I take care of things in exchange for free board. The owner is an art teacher who has converted his apartment into a guest house with two rooms for guests. My job consists of holding the fort while he is at work at his school. Since we seldom have guest, it is not too demanding and I have plenty of free time. On the less bright side, I sleep in one of the dorms and the owner's brother sometimes sleeps here as well. And he snores. A lot. It is now 8:30 am and I'm starting to get tired. When is he finally going to wake up so that I can go to sleep?
Here are some more pictures. The Korean guy is the owner, Mr. Lee:

This was one one of the nights out with Mr. Lee and guests, in this case Alex from Norway and Sarah from Canada.

This is at the Bong Bar, belonging to the Bong House. I spent a lot of time here.


Despite all my efforts I can not seem to get Bomi out of my head. It has been about half a year now since I left India, and still I think of her all the time. So I guess there is nothing left other than to admit that I am actually in love with her and to reconsider all my plans. I am now thinking about going back to India and meet up with her. I had hoped to make some money here in South Korea, which would have multiplied my options, but this goal has lost a lot of it's original importance. The leitmotiv of this voyage was to have no regrets. Not to leave out anything that I would regret not doing later. Thus the other reason why I continued this voyage from India to South East Asia, China and here, was that I would maybe regret not doing it if I stayed with Bomi. Instead I realized that despite all the enjoyment of traveling through these countries, I should have gone back. Well, we all do mistakes.

I got some bad news from home a couple days back (I've been in Korea for nearly 3 weeks now). It appears my mother has two cancerous tumors in her brain. She has been hospitalized and is taking chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Well, that settles my problem, I am definitely not staying in Korea much longer. The other day I went to the Indian embassy with Yoav and applied for a 6 months multiple entry visa. I have decided to go back to India first and if my mother's condition doesn't improve I'll go back to Switzerland from there. I'll join Bomi in Pondicherry in Southern India. I wonder how things will go when we meet again.

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