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Well the other day I was walking through the souks in Agadir, looking for cheap food. One of the local guides (Mohammed) comes to me and tries to lure me to a stall where he gets a commission. After I told him I was only looking for food stalls (turns out there aren't any in this souk) we got to talking and he invited me for tea and then for dinner. I accepted and we went to his place, where I met his roommates (Abd-Elrahman, Mohammed, and Hakim). It's quite incredible, he and the 3 other guys sleep, cook, eat and just live in a room about 3x5 m large. There's no window (just a hole that opens on the corridor outside) and of course no water. These 4 guys have been living here for years, working here and there when they like, just enough to survive! The youngest of them is 18 and has learned 2 professions. But he doesn't feel like working, so he does nothing the whole day. And they are all content with this system, one or the other bringing some money. It's a very great example of sharing and brotherly thinking. But my western mind just doesn't understand why they don't all work a litte more (which they could, they told me) and get out of this dump.
Anyway, they're great people; We had dinner that evening; a tadjine with vegetables, potatoes and meat. They put the meat pieces aside and at the end divided them into 5 more or less equal parts. Then the parts were distributed by chance. That was quite unexpected, I guess they don't eat meat a lot. They invited me for dinner for yesterday, too, and I also slept there (5 in that room, even in the army it was less crowded!). But it was fun, we had a great time. They told me so many times I was really welcome. I think they were really happy that I trustedf them with not slitting my throat to take my stuff.

I'm in Essaouira now. Here are some landscape picture I took in the bus betzeen Agadir and Essaouira:

This area is rather green, because it's along the coast. Inland it's quite similar to southern Spain, very dry. Only these special nut trees survive around here, there's a quite famous oil that they make from those nuts, but i don't remember the name. These trees survive temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, so they are quite an important factor in the fight against desertification.

Other news:
9 people out of 10 told me not to go to Algeria. However the one that told me I could go said I would be fine because islamists respect the Swiss neutrality. I haven't made up my mind yet If I'll go or not.
Women: I learned it was fine for me to talk to them, as long as they're not married.
It's too cold to swim in the ocean.
It rained yesterday evening.
I usually brunch with some yoghourt, bread and fruits. In the evening I eat a harira or tadjine (a kind of vegetable soup with potatoes and meat) or some other thing that looks like it's nutritient rich. I still have to try couscous.

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Merci pour ces réponses!
J'imagine un peu l'odeur qu'il devait y avoir dans cette piaule entre 3 mecs et la bouffe... Perso, le plus que j'avais fait c'était 14 dans une pièce (mais elle était grande) à Tabriz. Les orientaux n'ont pas le même besoin d'espace apparemment. Plus proche entre même genre et plus éloigné entre hommes et femmes.
C'est chouette de te suivre par photo aussi!
Si jamais, je ne sais pas si ça peut t'être utile, mais il y a deux sites qui ont l'air pas mal pour dormir sans payer à travers le monde.
www.couchsurfing.com et aussi www.hospitalityclub.org
Mais j'imagine que tu trouves facilement des gens sympas ou des hotels pas chers.

Tu écoutes de la musique locale aussi?

by Smine

Hey bro! Nice pictures you made! It seems like your trip starts quite well!
Concerning Algeria, I would say don't go. There are lots of other nice places which are currently safer to visit! You can still visit Algeria later on if you like.
Concerning daily money, just try and keep some cash asside to come to Canada! It's nice here! ;-) Take care! Miss ya! Nat

by taliyna

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