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Well, here's my opinion on Egypt for whomever is interested. This opinion is strictly subjective based (mostly) on my personal experience and is by no means thought to be an objective sociological study!
Egypt was a great country home to a great people. 5000 years ago. Now it faces some serious problems: First of all there's not much natural resources and the only fertile area is the Nile valley. The rest of the country is pretty much desert, although a very beautiful one, when it's not covered by trash. So there's not much to build on from the start. The next problem are the people themselves. They are very centered on their own family, which results in the widespread habit of marrying between cousins. They have been doing this for centuries now and it resulted in some inevitable genetic damage. The body deformities are not that important, what's more serious is that the average Egyptian is just plain dumb. Combine this to a very widespread ignorance as the educational system is crap, the removal of half the population from the working force (women stay at home...), and a probably heat-induced general laziness (I am too kind here...), and you can see this country is headed down the drain. To make matters worse those that are actually smart get out of here as soon as they can, leaving the country in less capable hands. In summary you have a bunch of half-wits ruling over a population of morons. But keep in mind I speak here about averages, I met some really good people here. By the way, people means men, of course. In nearly 6 months I spoke (meaning saying more than just hello) to exactly one (1) Egyptian woman! But I guess that would be different in Cairo and Alexandria...
Another thing that drives me crazy is their inability to criticize. People here are raised very strictly and their parents are the most important people in their lives. Whatever the parents decide is law, and it is unthinkable for anyone to for example marry someone when the parents don't approve (In general the parents choose some cousin for people to marry). In addition to the parent's law there is religion. Of course whatever Islam says is right and law, too. I found not one person who would even consider doubting the Holy Quran. So they are really used to getting told what to do. The result (I think this is a direct consequence) is that all these North African countries are governed by dictators whose only political adversaries are fundamentalists that want to set up theocracies. Very few voice their support for freedom of speech and democracy here because they just can't imagine what this means.

So, as you can see I have probably stayed here too long already. Which is also the case of all the Europeans I have met who have spent at least some months here. Actually, the only non-Egyptians people I have met that seem to like it here are a few women who married Egyptians. Love really does seem to conquer everything...
Anyway, there is one positive point about Egypt I should mention: Muslims and Coptic Christians live very peacefully together as far as I have seen. I don't know if things go as well on the political level, but on the day-to-day life level everywhere I have been Muslims and Christians were working and living together without any kind of problem.

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Klingt ja ziemlich resigniert... hoffe Dir geht's trotz ernüchternden Erkenntnissen zu den Ägyptern gut und Du bist wohlauf ;-)

Meine Peru-Reise beginnt in 1 1/2 Wochen und ich bin mental glaub ich jetzt schon dort... werde mit Sicherheit ein kleines Reisetagebuch führen und ins Internet stellen, also wenn's Dich interessiert, in ca. 1 Monat mehr.

Liebe Grüße und einen dicken Knuddler aus Deutschland!

by LillyEllen

mwuahaha. good read. i was only one week there but i see where you are coming from! anywho, i'm off to st. tropez... yeah fääntzii! wreck-diving @ around 40-60m. i think i'll come and visit you again in mauritius!!! i need another "go-go-go"-dive :-)

by dfme

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